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Special Liberal Studies Courses


Some Liberal Studies courses address teaching and learning, and the teaching profession.  Some highlights are described below.

(In cases where school visits are required, students who lack transportation will be accommodated with placements within walking distance of SDSU or accessible via public transportation.)

Math Ed 212: Children’s Mathematical Thinking
Math Ed 212 is a half semester course that investigates children's mathematical thinking. It includes observations of students working with elementary math concepts. Observations are made at school sites or via video. Ideally, students should take this class concurrently with Math 210 as the concepts covered in Math 210 are the ones children are working with during the Math Ed 212 observations.

Education 200: Teaching as a Profession
ED 200 explores issues related to teaching. The goal is to help students understand the dynamics of teaching in a public school setting and provide enough information for students to decide whether a career in teaching is suitable for them. It includes 30 hours of  guided classroom observations in K-6 classrooms.

For one class period, a representative of the Liberal Studies Program will do a workshop on the Liberal Studies major and possible tracks students may follow.

Liberal Studies 300: Introduction to Liberal Studies
LIB S 300 requires 30 hours of field experience in different school classrooms from ED 200. ED 200 is a prerequisite for LIB S 300; they may not be taken during the same semesters. 

In LIB S 300 students will investigate the nature of the major disciplines: literature, history, science, math, and the visual and performing arts.  Aspects such as the goals or purposes, processes or habits of mind, and methods of evaluation will be explored.

For one class period, representatives of the Liberal Studies Program and College of Education will do a workshop on the CSET, the Liberal Studies 498 assessment, prerequisites for the SDSU credential programs (general, bilingual, and special education), the certificate of clearance, and future educator organizations.

Liberal Studies 498: Assessment in Liberal Studies
LIB S 498 is the senior assessment class that all Liberal Studies majors must complete.  The assessments address two to three disciplines that elementary school teachers are required to teach.  Assessments may require students to reflect on work completed in other courses.  Students are strongly encouraged to save artifacts from courses, such as tests, homework, lab write-ups, and projects, to use in 498.

To qualify for Distinction in the Major, students must earn Commendable on their work in LIB S 498 (90% of the total points) plus a minimum of 3.50 grade point average in the major (upper division courses) by the beginning of fall semester for midyear graduates and by the end of the fall semester for May and summer term graduates.