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Program Requirements

Important Checklist


Students in all catalog years should


  1. Check their degree evaluation through the web portal and update their advising sheet each semester.
  2. Consult a Liberal Studies adviser whenever they have questions, as a first semester junior when they are transitioning to the upper division major, and prior to registering for their last semester.
  3. Officially apply for graduation 4-12 months before they intend to graduate. Don't wait too long!!



Understanding the Requirements


The exact Liberal Studies graduation requirements vary depending on a student's major catalog year. All students should consult their degree evaluation or unofficial transcript on the web portal to verify their major catalog year and then use the links below to see their graduation requirements.


Catalog Year 2014 and Later for Elementary Education Emphasis


Catalog Year 2014 and Later for Education Generalist Emphasis


Catalog Year 2011-2013


*NOTE: In general, your catalog year is the year you began at SDSU as a pre-Liberal Studies major. If you entered SDSU as another major, your major catalog year is the year you changed your major to Liberal Studies. Moving from a pre-major to the upper division major does not change your catalog year.