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Upper Division Major: Literacy Focus (Catalog Year 2014 and Later, Elementary Education Emphasis)


Students who choose the Literacy Focus will gain extra knowledge in linguistics, literature and theater arts.  These students will be able to obtain a multiple subjects credential to teach elementary school.  When students apply for a credential at the end of their credential program, they will also be able to apply for an authorization to teach English in middle school (minimum course grade requirements apply).

The courses required to complete the Literacy Focus are listed on the Literacy Focus advising sheet. Students in the Literacy Focus will also decide on an option from the following choices:


Leads to a Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) certificate from SDSU’s Linguistics Department.  A TESL certificate can be beneficial to candidates who wish to teach English abroad, as well as any educator who works with students from linguistically diverse backgrounds. 

Bilingual Education
Prepares students for a bilingual authorization upon completion of their bilingual credential program at SDSU

Special Education
Prepares students to enter a special education credential program at SDSU.

Performing Arts
Prepares students for performing arts endeavors in their teaching careers. 

Advising Sheet

Print a Literacy Focus advising sheet that lists the requirements of the Literacy Focus and Options.  Use it to guide your progress toward graduation.

Pursuing a Teaching Credential

Candidates for a credential program may need some additional courses to meet all of the prerequisites for their chosen credential program.  Students are encouraged to check with their future credential program for admissions requirements.  Students planning to attend SDSU’s credential program can obtain information from the College of Education’s website or by visiting their Student Services office in EBA 259.

All credential programs require the CBEST and CSET exams.  We recommend that students take the CBEST when they have completed the preparation for the major.  We recommend that students take the CSET in the middle of their senior year.

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