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Study Abroad Overview

All Liberal Studies majors must complete an international experience as part of their SDSU graduation requirements


Why study abroad?


  • Learn flexibility, adaptability and new ways of doing things, as you adapt to a new culture.
  • See the United States from a different perspective.
  • Learn to effectively communicate with and work with groups of diverse backgrounds.
  • Develop cross-cultural competence that will set you apart on a resume, in a job interview, and in your future career in a diverse classroom!
  • Pursue personal goals such as exploring a culture related to your ancestry.
  • See the world!  Have fun!

Liberal Studies Study Abroad Viewbook

Download the 2016-17 Liberal Studies Study Abroad Viewbook below:


Liberal Studies Study Abroad Viewbook

Study Abroad Announcements

International Student Center Study Abroad Information Sessions

The SDSU International Student Center conducts study abroad general information sessions throughout the semester. Visit their website to see a schedule of sessions.