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Preparation for the Major (Catalog Year 2014 and Later, Education Generalist Emphasis)


These are the courses and tests students must complete to satisfy the requirements for the preparation for the Liberal Studies major.  Students must meet the Impaction Criteria at the completion of preparation for the major.


Liberal Studies Math Proficiency Assessment

The Liberal Studies Math Proficiency Assessment is based on SDSU’s Math 210 and Math 211. Students must score at least 11 out of 18 on each section of the test in the same sitting.

Students should register for the test soon after completing Math 210 and 211 or their equivalents at a California Community College (see the assist website to find course equivalents). The test is offered multiple times during the year. Register early! Transfer students should make every effort to pass the Liberal Studies Math Proficiency Assessment before entering SDSU.

To prepare for the test, students should  download study guide #1 and study guide #2. These study guides have practice test questions and solutions. Note the time allowed on each section and honor those times when taking the practice test.

Students who want extra help can hire a tutor. We identify a pool of tutors from the Liberal Studies majors.  Their rates will vary. Email the Liberal Studies office for contact information for the tutor pool.

Register for the Math Proficiency Assessment

Writing Placement Assessment (WPA)

Students must take the WPA during the semester in which they will earn 60 units (the second sophomore semester for most students) or the next (the first junior semester for most students).

Students should take the WPA as soon as possible because scores determine required writing classes. Transfer students should make every effort to take the WPA the semester before entering SDSU.

What the WPA means for Liberal Studies majors (different from other majors!):

Score of 8-10: one required writing class (ENGL 306W)
Score of 0-7: three required writing classes (RWS 280 or 281, RWS/LING 253, ENGL 306W)

Register for the WPA


The required courses for the preparation for the major are listed on the advising sheet (see below). 

Students may earn credit for Music 102 by passing the Music 102 Challenge Exam.

Advising Sheet [coming soon]

Print an advising sheet for the preparation for the major. Use it to guide your progress toward declaring the Liberal Studies upper division major.


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