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Timing of Courses


If you have commitments that limit the times you can take courses, think carefully about the typical times courses are offered. Check class schedules for current information on course timing.


Focus areas:

Literacy focus: Sections are offered every semester at various times.

Math focus: Daytime courses are required; MATH 413 and TE 211A are offered only once a year.

Science focus:  Daytime courses with labs are required; GEOL 412 and TE 211B are offered only once a year (spring semester).


Option courses: 

Linguistics:  LING 555 and 556 usually alternating semesters.

Special Ed:  SPED 500, 501, and 502 are offered afternoons or evenings each semester.

Bilingual:  DLE 415 is offered spring only.

Performing arts:  THEA 510 is offered once every two years; students can use a substitute.

Math (coupled with Math Emphasis): Math 303 will be offered only once a year.

Science (coupled with Science Emphasis): CHEM 130 is offered only once a year.